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Keeping the fan going without killing off the batteries
Sailing in tropical waters can at times get very hot. This is especially the case in equatorial regions with high humidity, when the breeze dies there it is very challenging in the extreme. A breath of moving cooling air becomes imperative but fans typically consume enormous amounts of battery power.

Convenient padlock
Almost all yachts are secured somewhere by traditional padlocks, either at the main hatch or the cockpit lockers. Keeping track of these padlocks and laying your hands upon them when required can become a bind and matching keys to locks can be time-consuming.

Convenience at the navigation station
You can never find the pencil and dividers when you need them. They also fly across the cabin when a yacht is tacking or rolling.

If you cruise extensively invest in a powered anchor windless
Manually hauling in long chains and anchors, either with a manual winch or without, is a slow, backbreaking, exhausting task. This is especially the case in very hot climates.

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